The Value

Architects, Owners and Contractors are always looking for opportunities to lower project costs and Value Engineering strives to work with all team members to facilitate this while maintaining project quality. We stay focused on your project with low financial overhead and pass those savings on to you. This helps meet schedules at a more affordable engineering cost. Our approach showcases how we do this.

Our Design Approach

The Design Set Up

Schematic Design

The first stage of our approach is where we get to know the project and make sure everyone is on the same page. We work closely with the architect to make sure we are following their vision for the building. After that, a site visit investigation is performed and then we can discuss the project requirements with you. We get to know what is important to you for the final product.

The Engineering

Design Development

This is when we get to work. We put together the engineered construction document drawings so the contractors know what you are looking for in a final building. During this stage we review codes and system design to ensure you get a safe, beautiful, comfortable, and efficient facility.

The Build

Construction Administration

Now we stick with you and work with the contractor to complete the building. Our experience will help you navigate the construction phase. We answer RFIs and questions regarding the construction techniques used. We review submittals to ensure the equipment provided meets your initial building goals. And finally, we make sure your building is built just the way you want.

HVAC Design and Engineering

Experienced in almost every area of HVAC design. We can tailor our services to meet your requirements. Our area of expertise is in the value engineering process where we can provide design and construction savings without sacrificing project quality.

Plumbing Design and Engineering

We work hard to ensure that our plumbing designs are complete and constructible. Our approach provides a superior final building for the owner while reducing coordination issues during construction.

Engineering Consulting

We can provide value on projects by providing value engineering options, final project check review, building design, energy analysis, and building analysis.

Energy Engineering

We can provide an enormous advantage to our clients and owners through our energy engineering expertise. Our energy services include energy audits, LEED consultation, LEED documentation, energy savings, energy modeling, energy calculations, budgeting, utility incentives, and comprehensive total life cycle cost analysis. We can often pay for our services with utility incentives to the client. Value Engineering applies these principles to every project to ensure superior project delivery.

We look forward to working on your project! Our experience will help you deliver a better project, on a shorter schedule. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments on our materials.